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Happy New Year!

Please excuse my absence this past month. I've had quite a busy December. From doing stand-in work Monday-Friday's and waiting tables on the weekends, I worked for over 30 days straight. From there we drove straight to Virginia to see my boyfriend's family, then to North Carolina on the way back to visit with his dad. After that, my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend came to visit us. Like I said, I've been a little busy. I'm happy to have a normal schedule again.

2019. Ahhh, we made it through another year. Give yourselves a pat on the back, it's never easy making it through a full year with your sanity in tact.

Let's talk resolutions and goals. Some people are against resolutions because "they never last anyways". I disagree. I think having resolutions puts you in the mindset to constantly be bettering yourself. Which I think we should all strive to do.

Here is my first draft of resolutions: (I say first draft because my resolutions may change as I write out my goals later this week.)

1. Be more present.

I haven't always been the greatest friend or family member to people I care about. I'm very guilty of being self consumed with my own life and career. I miss a lot opportunities to show up for someone because I allow myself to get overwhelmed in my personal life. So this year, I want to put intention on checking in with friends and family more often. Actually showing up to outings that I said I would go to, and plan more "friend dates." My boyfriend and I always joke that if we got married right now, I'd have no bridesmaids and he'd have no groomsmen. We're perfectly fine spending every minute of the day with only each other. But you know what never hurts? Having a wider spectrum of people that you're close to. We want to have game nights, cookouts, or movie nights with people! I've never been on just a girls trip with close friends, what's that like? I'd like to be involved.

2. Cooking

After beginning a night job upon moving to Atlanta, I cook way less. I have yogurt for breakfast, a protein shake or bar for lunch, and then I'll make pasta, salmon, and broccoli to bring to work. This is my daily routine. It's boring, and I've found myself munching on fries and such at work more often because of it. I want to really focus on making more interesting meals, and taking the time to plan out my meals. More ingredients, more thought into what I'm cooking, and more variety!

3. Exercising Better and Harder

My exercise routine is 10 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weight lifting. This isn't a bad thing, and it keeps me at a constant weight and shape. But I don't have the body I want, and I won't get the body I want by doing the bare minimum that I know I can get away with. This year I want to focus on maximizing my workouts and really transform my body. If I want to be an action star I first have to look like one. ;)

4. Alcohol.

I've went months in between drinks this past year, and I'd really like to do an entire year without alcohol. This goes along with my physical goals and wanting to completely transform my body. So this is the only one I'm unsure of at the moment. I'm unsure if it's realistic with holidays, birthdays, and celebrations. I'm going to do my best and will be honest if I've broken this resolution. But I also won't beat myself up. It's something I'm striving to do, and by doing so will already be living a healthier lifestyle than if I didn't make this resolution. This is why resolutions are good for you people! It puts something in the back of your mind that you promised yourself you were going to do.

5. Read more.

This one covers three things I want to cut down on: Social media, video games, and watching TV right before bed. I want to expand my knowledge rather than stimulate my brain with nonsense.

So that's it! I'll post my goals for 2019 later this week. What are some of your biggest resolutions you've made for the year? What are some tricks you have for keeping them? Do you have someone you can start an accountability partnership with? Comment below, I'd love to hear about them!

Some photos from the holidays :) Cheers!

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