• Ashley Craib

Dreams VS Goals:

Every year I write out a list of goals I want to accomplish for that year. I noticed my list of goals carry over year to year, I rarely cross anything off! Thanks to my incredibly talented friend and teacher Alex Collins, I realized why this is: I'm writing out dreams not goals.

"Book a co-star role on a network television show. Book a role in a feature film with a theatrical release. Get an agent."

These are for the most part, out of my control. Now I can work hard, continue my training, and do everything to be prepared for when these dreams come to fruition, but ultimately these decisions are in someone else's hands.

My thinking lately has been ''Oh no! There are only 3 months left of the year and I still haven't booked anything!" When my thinking should be "Oh no! There are only 3 months left of the year and I still haven't written that pilot, started that blog, or learned Italian!"

Now I have to be realistic with myself and what I can accomplish in the last 3 months of the year. Am I really going to be able to write a feature film, a pilot, learn Italian, AND start a blog in that amount of time? These are all time consuming. Pick one goal as your main focus, write a specific date to achieve this by. Yes, I'm saying give yourself a deadline. Take your deadline seriously and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish! Look! I started a blog! I can cross that off the list and start working on the next thing!

Pick a goal that excites you most. For me, starting this blog has really been on my mind, as has my pilot and feature. The key to my decision was: I knew once I got this website set up and the blog launched, it would become a part of my daily routine. This replaces playing video games in the mornings. I start my day out in work mode earlier now because of this blog. I'd say this was the right goal to start with. Now my brain starts working earlier, making it easier to start writing a script rather than trying to motivate myself out of laziness.

Decide on your main goal to focus on, maybe this is one that then shifts into an on-going goal or maybe it's just the first thing you're confident you can cross off. What are some goals you think you can easily accomplish in the next 3 months? Comment below, I'd love to read about some of them!

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