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Audition Bible

I'm gonna give a shout out to Alex Collins once again, for another gold nugget he shared with us in class a few months ago: Keep an audition bible.

An Audition Bible is where you keep track of all of the information from every audition you get.

Mine is formatted like this:

Date | Casting Director | Self Tape or In Person | Project | Role | Wardrobe | Notes

I use an invoice template from Microsoft Word.

Why keep one? Because as you continue to grow a rapport with certain casting directors you'll have a reference sheet to look over your past auditions with them. You'll also be able to track how many auditions you get monthly, and most importantly yearly. Compare and see what your busier months were, and who you auditioned for the most. Who already likes you and who do you still need to prove yourself to?

You also get to see what roles you get called in for regularly, and which ones you got callbacks for. Is there a specific type for you that keeps popping up?

The notes section should include any information that doesn't fit into the previous sections. Did you get a redirect? Was this a personally requested audition from the casting director? Were there any hiccups with this one? Did you get the sides at midnight and it was due the next morning?

Keeping an audition bible isn't just for the knowledge of each audition. You also get to go back and see just how many auditions you are actually getting. As actors we often tell ourselves how bad we're doing and what failures we are. We see the bad and not the good. "I'm not getting any auditions!" Well now you can look back and see that that's not the case at all. You're usually auditioning way more than you think, the time in between auditions just feels like an eternity. What feels like two months has actually been 2 weeks. Or you may even feel it's been a slow year, only to find you've actually auditioned more than the previous year.

It's free, and doesn't take a lot of time after each audition. You can even just keep yours in a notebook if you'd like. I like to have mine on the computer so I can print it out at the end of the year. I plan on starting a new one for 2019. For me, each year I'll print out that year's bible and then start a new one. I like to have things organized and easy to navigate.

Hope this helps some of you, it's definitely been life changing for me!

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