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I'm entering my last year of my twenties and I'm quite excited about it! I feel like I'm entering my "senior" year as a twenty year old. What will happen this year?! Will all of my dreams come true? Will my hard work pay off? Will I ever get to go to prom?! Fingers crossed!

Your twenties are hard. You're learning how to be an adult, who you even are as a person, and that life isn't always going to be easy-peasy.

You make lasting friendships, and you lose friendships that you've both outgrown. Your twenties shape you for the rest of your adulthood. Make mistakes and learn from them. People will forgive you, you're still young. :)

Here are 29 things I've learned in my twenties:

1. Some people just aren't going to like you, and that's okay. Smile and be nice to them anyways.

2. Everything always evens out. If you're having a slow money week (as I call it) the next week will be much more prosperous. Just continue working hard and have a good attitude. I know this seems silly but I've seen this ring true time after time.

3. I'm actually more fun when I'm sober, not when I'm drunk.

4. I can't just eat whatever I want anymore without consequences. Why can't I lose belly fat? What are macros? Apparently I need to learn this now? Someone help!

5. Quit anything that brings negativity into your life. Whether it's a relationship, drinking alcohol, or a toxic work environment. Good vibes only please! :)

6. Learning a new skill releases dopamine. It's the learning and growing process that turns it on, not the actual achievement of having the skill. So go to that dance class you're so afraid of, pick up that old guitar you bought thinking you'd learn to play but never really tried. It's good for you!

7. Having a healthy body feels 100x better than giving in to impulse behavior for short-lived immediate pleasure (alcohol, sweets, fried foods)

8. Listening to podcasts in the morning is a better way to wake up my brain than playing video games. Check out my current favorite Happier In Hollywood!

9. It's okay to take a break, I don't have to constantly be working on something. Your body needs time to recover, as does your mind, and even your soul. Meditation and yoga will make you younger, people!

10. Lifting weights is more beneficial than just doing cardio.

11. Apologize if you're in the wrong, don't drag it out. You know what, apologize even if you aren't wrong. Keep the peace.

12. Don't interrupt people when they're talking, pay attention and listen to what they're saying.

13. When you're mad at someone, think of all of the reasons you're grateful for them. This will diminish any harsh feelings you're having in that moment.

14. Be good to the people that love you. "We take our frustrations out on the ones closest to us" is a crappy saying. Don't do that to them. They're the ones that have your back.

15. Don't gossip. It almost always gets back to that person. Just be nice.

16. No one likes the person that always finds something to complain about. Bring joy instead!

17. Remember details about people to talk or ask them about the next time you see them. It makes them feel special, people want to feel special!

18. Any light from electronics in the bedroom affects your sleep. Turn your phone face down if you must have it next to you. Don't have anything plugged in that radiates light.

19. If you're feeling down or tired and can't figure out why; go outside. Vitamin D and being in nature will do the trick.

20. Don't flake on people. Be a person of your word. Go to those social events that you dread, they usually end up being fun.

21. Keep a food journal. You snack more than you think.

22. Open and respond to every text message. Don't just read the preview and respond in your head. You don't want people to think you're ignoring them on purpose.

23. Listen to your significant other when they're talking, don't multi-task and half-listen. They're the most important person in your life, treat them that way.

24. Don't exaggerate your life. People appreciate the humble honesty. We're all in this together, let's help build each other up!

25. Write realistic goals with realistic timelines

26. Save money. You never know when you may have an emergency and need it. This helps you avoid going into debt by being prepared for the unforeseen future. Did I know my car registration was going to cost $1200? No, so I put it on a credit card because I didn't have the funds in my account. Now I'm collecting interest on that rather than paying the $1200 up front.

27. People will expect you to always be happy. It's okay to have other emotions, you aren't a robot.

28. Take notice of the friends that want to be in your life, and the ones that don't. Appreciate the ones that do.

29. Always try to be a better version of yourself. There's always room for improvement.

I look forward to whatever 29 brings me. As I edge closer to 30, I hope I'm a better version of myself every year to come.

What are some lessons you've learned in your twenties, or at any age? Comment below!

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