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Get a Hobby

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Everyone talks about the amount of "rejection" in the entertainment industry. You hear this and think you're going to be told "No" a thousand times. People describe it that way as well. This isn't entirely accurate. Most of your rejection in the industry isn't a verbal "No"

It's complete silence, you're left completely in the dark.

Did my submission get seen? Will I ever get an audition?--Was my audition terrible? Do I suck at acting? Why won't agents open my emails?

You feel invisible. This is why so many creatives suffer from depression. All you want out of life is to make a living out of acting, and the ability to do so is out of your control. No one will open your email, no one will watch your demo reel, or call you in for an audition. Then if you are lucky enough to get an audition, you get no feedback most of the time.

"How did your audition go? When will you hear?"--

"I won't hear anything if I didn't book it."

You're left to your own devices to drive you to complete insanity. Ahhhh :)

"Well the callbacks are on this date but maybe they pushed it back. It shoots on this date but maybe they changed the script and are still deciding."

Stop making yourselves crazy, actors! You always hear people say "Leave the audition at the door" for a reason. Now of course you aren't going to literally leave and forget about it. Maybe when you're a more seasoned actor, but if you're only getting a few auditions a year -- of course it'll be in the back of your mind for a few days. But don't dwell on it, and don't make up false realities for yourself. They aren't pushing back the callback date, they have an idea of who they want for the part. If you haven't heard anything then you probably didn't book it. But don't beat yourself up over it! There are various reasons why you didn't book the part that have nothing to do with your talent as an actor.

In the mean time, you need to find a hobby actors. Go to yoga, learn a new language, go to a pottery class! It doesn't have to be acting related! You just need something to focus your energy on rather than checking your phone every 5 minutes for an audition notification. (Guilty!)

Plus, hobbies are fun and make you more interesting. People will want to work with you more if being an actor isn't ALL you do. It's like with dating, aren't you way more interesting if you have your own thing going on, than if you seem desperate and have nothing else to offer in a conversation?

Get a hobby. Learn a new skill. As I mentioned in my last post: Learning a new skill releases dopamine in the brain, and it will also keep you sane in this industry.

I have quite a few hobbies. I read, I exercise daily, I have this blog, and when I'm in LA I go to cirque school. Who knew my 29 year old body could still do a back-handspring after a few classes?!

Another hobby of mine is painting random things; shoeboxes, shells I've collected, keys I no longer use. For what reason? No idea! It's just fun for me! As a kid, I loved painting the garden statues when they would fade. I learned from Gretchen Rubin's book "The Happiness Project" that things we enjoyed doing when we were 11, still give us great joy today. So that's probably why. That also explains why I still enjoy reading the Harry Potter and LOTR books, or playing Pokemon on my gameboy every now and then. Nerd alert!

What are some things you might consider doing as a hobby? Have you thought about the things you enjoyed doing as a kid? Comment your answers below!

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