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Humble Headshots.

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

A year ago today I had my most recent headshot session. I'm getting new ones in one week. A creature of habit I suppose?

I haven't used my headshots from last year at all. I've had my boyfriend take some in between my last session and now, and I still use some from a few years ago instead of recent ones. Headshots have always been the bane of my existence as an actor. I could never figure them out. My problem is that I watch TV and movies and I see what leading roles I'd like to play. Not what I would actually get sent out for at this point in my career.

I'm at the co-star level. That's nurse, assistant, waiter, receptionist, maid, security guard, barista, bartender, girl on plane...it's the roles that go almost unnoticed in a scene because we're just there to move the story along. The one liners. The under fives. Yes it's just as hard to book these roles. Still want to be an actor? Strap in.

When booking a headshot session, realize that you aren't getting headshots to portray "action star" or "love interest". You aren't going to audition for these roles at this point in your career. You're auditioning for co-star roles. These are small roles, that you want to pretty much do as little as possible with because you aren't the star of the scene. So don't overdo your headshots either.

This has always been my biggest downfall. I've finally learned to swallow my pride. I want to be beautiful, I want pretty headshots. I want to be the love interest, the villain, the action star. I want to be the lead. I want my makeup to be perfect, I don't want to look how I do in everyday life. Oh, that's what I'm going out for? Slice of life roles? I'm not at the tier of being the star of anything,? I haven't even booked one network TV role yet? Ahhhhhhh. Okay. I get it.

As Kendrick Lamar says, "Bitch, be humble. Sit down."

Thanks Kendrick. Guess I needed a slice of that humble pie after all.

When you're at a co-star level, think about what you're really going out for. Don't get headshots based on what you know you can do as an actor. Sure, I can be a badass. Am I going to get called in right now to audition for the lead of a Marvel movie though? No. So I need to look the part of an everyday person.

Be yourself in your headshots. That's who casting directors want to see. They don't want someone taking a one liner and turning it into a one man play. See what I'm saying? Every role is important. But you have to be real with yourself and know that you aren't the star.


Who am I trying to be though? Palm to face.

I hope this helps you to not make a fool out of yourself, like I have the past 9 years! Consider it a public service on my part!

You're welcome!

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