• Ashley Craib

Disaster Prep

With Hurricane Florence in the news recently, my boyfriend and I have been talking about stocking up for emergencies. What actually goes in to a disaster store-run? We went ahead and made a shopping list for you. Here are 20 things you need in case of emergency, in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Flashlights

2. Batteries for said flashlights

3. Extra dog food (or baby food if you have mini you's)

4. Dog Toys. Trust me on this one.

5. Puppy pads in case your puppy face won't potty outside. Say that five times fast.

6. Canned food (duh)

7. Peanut Butter (Ryan hates peanut butter.)

8. Protein bars

9. Face wipes. When your power goes out does the water go out too? We could google this but we didn't, so we still don't know. School us!

10. Feminine wipes, not just for feminine areas! Let's say the water DOES go out, these can replace showers! Hopefully not for long though, amirite?

11. Water!

12. Bread! I guess for those canned beans?

13. Deodorant. This is something you should also be purchasing on a regular store run. :)

14. Board games! Do kids these days even know what these are?

15. Portable chargers for your phones. But make sure your charger is charged, or you can't charge your phone! Now say that one five times fast!

16. Alcohol, if you drink that sort of thing!

17. Candles, because you can't have flash lights on all the time. Don't burn your house down!

18. Fruit?

19. Mouthwash

20. A diary to write your memoir, in case a bear breaks in and eats your whole family. If you live in an apartment maybe scratch this last one. :)

Be safe during Hurricane season! What's on your disaster list?

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