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I may be the only person that looks forward to Mondays. It's a new week! I know technically Sunday is the start of the week, but we all know it isn't. Can we change that?

I love Mondays.

This is what my Monday looks like: I wake up, I start working on my blog posts for the week, usually only knocking out about two but hey, writing takes time. I pick a scene to work on for class on Wednesday. My boyfriend and I tackle house chores that have added up over the weekend (dishes, laundry, sweeping up dog hair, etc) . We work out together, (this is pretty much the only day we get to do this together). I measure and weigh myself (only on Monday's, not daily). We film a sketch. He then edits that sketch and we post it that day. We go on a walk with our dog, then we head to Trader Joe's to grab supplies to make homemade pizza and watch a movie for dinner. Sometimes if we have time we'll try to fit an adventure of some sort in before the TJ's run. We may walk the belt line, check out the botanical gardens, go to Piedmont Park, whatever we can find. Last week we literally just went bargain shopping for clothes at Walmart and had fun. Find someone in life that I can do nothing with and still have fun? Achievement Unlocked.

Mondays are a fresh start each week.

Didn't quite accomplish what you had hoped last week? Great news! Another week has arrived! Use Mondays to start the week off on a strong productive note! Mondays are our only day off together, and we pack it to the brim. You're setting the tone for the week. Why not make it a good one? Every Monday, write out one goal you want to work towards that week. Goals go unmet because they stay in our heads like a shopping list, and we forget things if they're only in our heads. There's something powerful about writing goals down on paper. It motivates you to see it all spelled out. Yes. I do want to achieve this, what can I do every day to work towards achieving it?

Monday has a negative reputation because it's the start of the work week. You have the power to change that. Add one thing on Monday that you get to look forward to every week. Find a workout class of some sort; yoga, spin, dance, whatever is it that you enjoy doing! Or maybe learn to make a new dish on Mondays! The possibilities are endless. Put your own positive spin on Mondays and tell your friends about it! Our Mondays are filled with career work. But we also know at the end of the day we're eating pizza that we made together while listening to classical Italian music, and then watching a movie. This makes working all day a lot easier.

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of positivity and motivation!

Happy Monday!

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