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So how do you like Atlanta?

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Hey guys! I'm Ashley Craib! I'm an actress and comedian that recently moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta. When people find this out they always ask two questions.

First: So how do you like Atlanta? This is a tough one. I honestly don't have an answer. Is that weird? I've been here for 6 months and I always reply: "I'm not really sure yet!" Which is the truth. I work 5 (sometimes 6) days a week waiting tables. I go to acting class one night a week. I work out daily. I film a comedy sketch once a week. I research scenes and scripts for class, I have auditions, and I try to spend time with my boyfriend and dog somewhere in between. I keep busy, because you have to in this industry. I am of course talking about the entertainment industry.

Which leads to the second question people ask: Why would you move from LA where the entertainment industry LIVES. Great question! This one I know the answer to. I've rehearsed this and said it aloud many times!

"Atlanta has a ton of movies and tv shows that film here. They cast Atlanta actors for the co-star roles. I need co-star roles to advance in my career."

Do I plan on going back to LA? Absolutely! LA is my home! Was I born there? No. But I've spent my entire adult life there, and I just love California as a whole. The weather is perfect all year round, except for the occasional wild fire! You can drive two hours in any direction and experience an entirely different landscape. Plus, you can't beat the Mexican food! It's 100% true that Californians are taco snobs.

So I guess to answer the first question; I like Atlanta, I just don't know it as well as I know LA. I have some exploring to do! I will say Atlanta has some of the best breweries, and a crazy amount of festivals throughout the year. I haven't had the chance to experience this side of Atlanta yet, but I'm making it one of my goals for the rest of the year: Fall in love with Atlanta! I'm already in love with the people! Also, it does rain here, it even storms! There are seasons! You pretend to love perfect weather all year round, but you can't tell passage of time in LA when every day is the same outside!

The industry here is completely different too. There's a sense of community here that LA just doesn't have. People aren't flakey, they aren't fake. You make plans, they show up. You get an audition, they're genuinely happy for you, not jealous or asking "who's your agent?" They're just excited to be chasing their dreams and living life. LA could learn a lot from the Southeast market.

In my blog I'll cover many subjects. Most of them will be acting related. You got questions about making the move from LA to Atlanta? I got answers. If I don't have the answers, someone else in my life does. I'm constantly learning and growing and I'm here to share my life experience with you, and hope you learn something too :)


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