• Ashley Craib

Watch TV

I don't know how many times I've heard an actor say that they don't watch TV.

Huh? But you want to be on TV? I'm confused.

Actors, dears, you need to watch TV.

You need to know what shows are currently shooting. If you have an audition for a show that has episodes readily available to watch and you have not seen that show, you are a lazy actor. Every show has a specific style to it. Whether it's directing, writing, or acting. You need to match the style of the show in your audition. "But I'm always told to bring my own style to a character" Yes, do that. But be knowledgable in knowing what they're looking for. Sometimes they're looking for a very specific acting style and delivery of the lines on the page. Some shows like a bit of "cheese". Some shows like very grounded, almost underwhelming delivery. Every show is different. Know your audience in this sense.

The more you can know about a show you're auditioning, the better off you are. Do your research. There is no excuse these days with the technology that we have. "I don't have HULU or Amazon Prime" Okay, well get it then. You pay for casting sites because you have to, right? Well you need to be up to date on what's on TV as well. You need to know which shows have a lot of co-star roles. Some shows film with mostly just their ensemble cast, some shows have multiple co-stars every episode. You learn this by watching TV.

You need to study the acting and ask yourself how they got to that emotional point. Have you ever watched a show and thought "Man, I just don't know if I could do this scene." Okay, dissect the scene then and see what could get you to that emotional level. Watching TV and movies is a great way to study acting, as is live theater.

You also need to know what shows shoot in your location. These are the shows you're going to audition for. Don't just watch the shows that shoot in Los Angeles if you're in Atlanta and (vice versa).

Another little secret? Writers often live tweet during the airing of new episodes of their TV shows. This is a chance to interact with the writer of the show. Make some connections here people!

You have the best job in the world, you get to sit around and watch TV and call it work. Now go to work, actors!

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