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Winter Is Coming

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

The weather is changing. That means, from now until Spring we have to fight the instinct to be lazy. We have to continue working out, eating healthy (but mashed potatoessss!) and staying motivated to work on our careers. This is one thing LA has over Atlanta. It's easy to stay motivated and fit all year round when the weather never changes. Yes, you lose passage of time and it never feels like the holidays, but hey at least I'm not sitting inside for 4 months trying to stay warm. Plus if you want snow, you can drive 2 hours to the mountains. -- Ash are you missing LA right now? -- Yes! I hate cold weather and that's why I chose LA over New York to begin with! Enough about me though!

It's so hard to do anything when you just want to be bundled up. That first touch of brisk air, and you immediately go into hibernation mode. It's natural. It's unnatural that we have to fight the instinct. But alas, we're humans and not bears. You don't need to stock up for a winter body. Your food source isn't going anywhere. Also you still have to make money. Wouldn't it be nice to be bears though? Just stock up for the winter then stay in and watch movies under a blanket for four months. I don't know what hibernation looks like apparently.

Now that the weather is changing, it's time to really sit down and reassess your goals. What can you accomplish with the last 2 1/2 months of the year? What can you start preparing now for the next year? I'm going to be backing off of classes the last two months to prepare financially for buying a new wardrobe and headshots. When I say new wardrobe, I don't mean I'm just going on a shopping spree. I'll be looking at my audition bible, seeing what wardrobe options I didn't have when certain auditions came up, and stock up my closet accordingly. I also need new tops for headshots.

Now's the time to really make or break your healthy habits too. The holidays and winter are many people's undoings of staying in shape. You don't want to have to work for a summer body again in March. Just keep your summer body, call it your regular body. Boom. Fitness.

Wear form fitting clothes (you can find long sleeved form fitting clothes). The biggest trick you play on yourself during the winter is wearing big coats and roomy sweaters. You tell yourself you haven't gained weight because your clothes don't feel tight. Then spring comes and it's a little warmer out, and you realize none of your clothes fit anymore. Don't fall into this trap. Measure and weigh yourself every day if you must to stay motivated and self aware. Be the one person that's at the gym when it's freezing out. Let's strap in team! Now is not the time to take a break! Success takes no days off (okay fine you can have days off, but not weeks!)

Fall focus points:

Keep your healthy habits. Indulging frequently isn't a treat, it's a plateau in diet.

Find a way to stay motivated to hit the gym.

Reassess your goals you wrote for the year and really hone in on what you can accomplish in the last few months.

Start planning for the next year. It's coming up quick!

Go team!

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